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About Us

The Agency

For our team, Virtually Anything truly defines what we do here.


As individuals, we each pride ourselves on going above and beyond your average assistant experience and because of that, we were able to create a dream team that our clients can always rely on. As an agency, we are committed to taking your business to the next level.

We've been in your shoes - working tirelessly to find the right fit for our team and going through some good and some bad experiences to find the team that just fits - and is knowledgeable - and works hard - and is honest and trustworthy - and is just an overall rockstar all the time.


When you work with us, you can relax knowing that your VA is serious about their career and serious about helping you to succeed. Being a VA isn't another job to us, we love what we do and we'll be here for years to come.

We take continued learning and personal development seriously so that we can always grow and become better at our craft, and because of that, we've been able to open up our skill set to tasks beyond the expectations of a "general assistant".  We also have a huge network of freelancers and love to bring on other top-rated professionals to help with projects if there is something that we can't do within our core team. We will always find a way.

We take on the overflow of your life or your business to ensure that your day-to-day runs smoothly and effectively. We're entrepreneurial-minded leaders who love to take the reins and are proactive in looking for and suggesting new ways that we can help. We are flexible, we take direction well and we are able to learn your business and systems or bring in our expertise to help your business grow.

We don't believe in a one size fits all approach to business. We enjoy variety and are skilled in multi-client project management. Your tasks will be completed with quality and we always double check our work. We are tech savvy, great with programs and systems and are high-touch communication; you will always be able to reach us within our agreed upon working hours.

Our team is made up of highly skilled and trained assistants who understand the dedication needed to work from home and successfully manage a busy professionals life.

The Team

Melanie Weigel

Founder & Executive VA

melanie red hair.jpg

Tara Loney

Virtual Assistant


Kateri Swavely

Virtual Assistant


Lizzie DeWitt

Virtual Assistant


The Freelancers

I began my VA career in 2011 working with several businesses from start-up companies to Fortune 1000 CEO's. Fast forward four years: I decided to take it a step further, turning my freelance side-gig into my own full-time business. However, I kept seeing a missing piece: because I was a team and project manager in most of my roles, I was spending a ton of time researching, interviewing, and hiring for clients. 


I realized there was a need for a service that does it all - beyond your general VA work. I decided to turn my skill set into my own Virtual Assistant Agency that I could run my way. As my business has grown, so has the need for help. All Virtually Anything Assistants are personally trained by me to excel and live up to my expectations of success (which is VERY high). The quality of the work that you receive is always most important and we understand the need for consistency, friendliness and professionalism.

When I'm not managing our amazing team and overseeing projects, I love to work with clients handling launch strategy and management, tech support, and podcast production.

My name is Tara and I am here to help. I'm married and am a native Floridian. I love circus arts, learning new things and traveling. My passion is helping people any way I can. My background is in Management & Administration in the health care field. 


While I loved creating and implementing procedures and working with patients, I grew tired of the 8-5 daily grind. I decided I needed a change. I put my goals out to the universe and began searching for something where I could still use my management and customer service expertise.  That's when I found Virtually Anything Assistants! I knew that this team was what I was searching for.


I am able to apply the skills I've developed over the course of my career while learning all the new things. I believe that effective communication and hard work creates success. I am here to help you to reach your goals. This is what I was made to do.  

My specialties include Pinterest, Tech, and General Admin.

Hi! I'm Kateri. I'm married and live in eastern Pennsylvania with an adorable hound and three sassy cats. 


When my position as a music educator was cut after eight years, I wanted to find a career where I could use the experience I gained as a teacher but be my own boss. That's what led me to become a virtual assistant. Now I can use my skills of organization, presentations, graphic design, course development and customer service to help business owners succeed. I'm so happy to have found this team!


In my spare time, I horseback ride, read science fiction, and daydream about all the places I hope to one day visit. 

My specialties include Blog and copywriting, graphic design, social media.

I'm Lizzie, I live in Kansas City, MO, and I'm a highly experienced writing professional in development and execution of marketing and communication strategies in support of clients’ key objectives.


Customer-driven and skilled in considerable industries, composing copy in preferred branding and style voice. Versatile in creating compelling pieces including but not limited to; speeches, technical papers, business plans and reports, essays, resumes and cover letters, website copy, direct mail, brochures, social content, email copy, and correspondence. Caring writing mentor and thorough, responsive editor.

My background is considerably versatile, I’m proficient in schedule management, processing payroll and other accounting functions, designing marketing materials to further develop community relations, managing human resource tasks, organizing files, website and social media updates, and fostering effective relationships with different types of vendors and clientele. I'm tech savvy and specialize as a podcast assistant here a Virtually Anything Assistants.

My specialties include copywriting and podcast process management.

Here at VAA, we regularly work with a number of trusted freelancers that we've vetted, trained and know complete high-quality work. This includes some graphic design, web design, copywriters, marketers, additional tech support, project managers, and audio/video editors.


The freelancer who works on these projects for our team depends on availability, however we will always ensure cohesiveness and will generally keep the same freelancer on any long-term project. We're happy to send you your direct freelancers bio and intro you if you'd like, just let us know! Plus, if there is anything we don't currently do in house, we'll find someone amazing - and manage them - to make it happen for you.

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