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Choose Your Plan

We can't wait to make a positive impact on your day-to-day.

Here's how to get started...

Let's Get to Planning

We know - that's why you need us, because you likely just don't have a ton of extra time to plan. We promise you don't have to do too much, just the basics. We'll handle the rest.


Create a simple outline of what you need, then schedule your Discovery Call here. We'll review your list together and will get to know each other a little more to make sure we're a fit.


If you already know exactly what you need and are ready to get started, please feel free to choose your plan below and email us to let us know you're ready for the next step.

Choose Your Hours

Once you have created an initial to-do list, you'll want to choose your plan. Please see our plans below to decide what works best for you. If you want us to suggest a plan during our Discovery Call, we're happy to do so.


Once your plan has been chosen, we will then send you an independent contractor agreement which includes a few items such as our work schedule, your chosen plan, and confidentiality information. We will then send you an invoice via PayPal. We will start work as soon as both of those items have been completed.


When considering your plan, first think about the types of tasks that you will want to delegate. Also, consider how many hours per week you will need help. If you want your VA working on tasks daily, you will want a plan that has enough hours to cover at least one hour of working time Monday - Friday.

All plans include email support during business hours, scheduled Zoom meetings, in-house freelancer support and backup assistance at no additional cost, and 24-hour turnaround.


Pro Tip: We can always use your first month as a trial on hours to see what we actually end up using and change your plan on month 2 from there.

Our Plans

Plan One

10 hours of assistance per month

Perfect for occasional research, light tech support, some social media, and personal tasks.

$400 per month

Plan Two

16 hours of assistance per month
Perfect for the busy professional who doesn't need help everyday, but will reach out with tasks a few days per week.

$640 per month

Plan Three

25 hours of assistance per month
Perfect for light email management, research, tech support, planning sessions, with some additional business/personal tasks.

$1000 per month

Plan Four

40 hours of assistance per month
Perfect for daily support, email management, scheduling, social media, tech, and light launch support.


$1600 per month

Plan Five

60 hours of assistance per month
Perfect for heavy schedulers, daily emails, full marketing calendars, more complex tech support including automations, and daily communication and support.

$2400 per month

Plan Six

80 hours of assistance per month
Perfect for clients who need part-time support with multiple day-to-day services including full launch support, marketing, and/or tech management.

$3200 per month

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